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Several small beer garden table sets were placed in an outdoor area.

Small Beer Garden Table Set With or Without Backrest

The Comfortable Beer Garden Table Set Consisting of a Small Beer Table and Small Beer Bench

You would like to attractively design your outdoor area without taking up too much space? Our small beer table set's dimensions fit outdoor areas that are too small for large beer garden table sets. And this particularly short version is - like our classic beer garden table sets - of course foldable.

Buy Small Beer Table Sets in Brewery Quality Online

Not everyone has a garden or a large terrace - The small "Shorty" beer garden table set is the optimal solution when space is limited. Our two versions of the small beer garden table set guarantee comfort and relaxation.

Small Beer Garden Table Set With or Without Backrest

For increased stability of the small beer bench with backrest, an additional extension is provided at the rear of the base as standard. The so-called anti-tipper prevents the small beer bench from tipping over.

Do you have a larger outdoor area? Discover our entire range of folding furniture in our online store.

The Mini Beer Garden Table Set for Outdoor Use

Our small beer garden table set, although shorter, comfortably seats 4 people and is the ideal set for those who want to have great fun, even if the location is quite small. The mini beer garden table set can be additionally embellished with decorations for a garden party or a romantic dinner for two. The "Shorty" is suitable for:

Friends sit together on small beer garden table set Shorty with backrest and enjoy drinks on the terrace.
Narrow balconies

Four friends sit on the small beer garden table sets Shorty and toast together.
Small terraces

Several people sitting on small beer garden table sets in an alley near a restaurant.
Narrow alleys

Small and High Quality Beer Garden Table Set for the Balcony

The short beer garden table set is practical and rarely in the way - despite the savings in length, the function is of course maintained and even on small balconies, the special beer garden feeling can be well implemented.

What Should You Know About Our Small Beer Garden Table Set?

Folding mechanism

You can assemble and disassemble it in the shortest time and with minimal effort. Thanks to the innovative folding mechanism, the small beer garden table set is very easy to assemble, store and transport in the car. So, nothing stands in the way of your picnic in the park.

Store beer garden table set

Space saving
• Do you have a small outdoor area? This beer garden table set is not only practical, but especially space-saving. It has the following dimensions:
  • Small beer table: 108x67x77 cm
  • Small beer bench: 108x33x49 cm

Water drops

To make your small beer garden table set weatherproof, we rely on our specially developed and certified Firelock® UV glaze, which penetrates deep into the wood.


All our beer garden table sets are made with selected spruce wood. The small or short beer garden table set is TÜV certified, resistant and durable.

Other construction details contribute to the durability of the small beer garden table set:

  • Robust, drawn flat steel in black colour serves as frame material for the set.
  • The patented C-profile of the base provides stability.
  • The stable trapezoidal shape of the underframe contributes to the stability.
  • The stacking strips protect the small set during stacking, transportation and disassembly.