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The signet of RUKU1952 is quite often shown in gray.

RUKU1952® - The New Brand of Our Beer Garden Table Sets

Tradition Meets Innovation

Now it's official: RUKUevent becomes RUKU1952®! We are very pleased to finally be able to tell you more about it. Dive with us into the new world of our beer garden table sets!

First a Short Look Into the Past...

In the history of our beer garden table sets we look back to the year 1852, when a saw and plaster mill was founded by Rudolf Kurz in Illertissen, Bavaria. Over time, he developed the mill into a woodworking family business and is considered the inventor and pioneer of the popular beer garden table set.

After Rudolf Kurz Junior passed away in 2014 without any descendants, hisbeer garden table set business was taken over by us under the brand RUKU Klappmöbel. Since 2017, we have been producing and selling the tables and benches, together with the canopy tents, under the brand name RUKUevent.

...And Now a Look Into the Future!

2023 brings big innovations for us, but also for you! The long success story of our beer garden table sets has made us think about their future. And the decision has been made: our beer garden table sets will get a new brand name, a new logo, a new appearance!

》RUKUevent becomes RUKU1952®

From now on, RUKU1952® will exclusively stand for our high-quality beer garden table sets and shall develop into a real traditional brand.

This Is What Lies Behind Our New Brand

The invention of the folding furniture lock gives the beer garden table sets their folding function and thus forms the basis of our entire product range. We live tradition and therefore want to express the origin of the beer garden table set more strongly in our brand from now on.

You want to know what our logo stands for? Here is the explanation:

RUKU – the initials of Rudolf Kurz, the inventor of the beer garden table set and the boss and namesake of our company.

1952 – the year in which Rudolf Kurz registered the patent for the innovative folding furniture lock. It is considered THE year of invention of the beer garden table set.

Signet – a visual sign that symbolically reflects the engaged folding furniture lock of our beer garden table sets.

The logo is new, yet recognizable. We want to remain recognizable not only visually, but in everything we do. There are many things that we obviusly won't change. For example, our passion with which we continue to diligently produce and sell beer garden table sets. Moreover, the quality and the longevity of our products - just like the perfect service and the personal consultation - will always be our first priority. For you. And your needs.

2023 holds even more changes in store for us and our product range... Learn more here!

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