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Manufacturing Our Beer Table Sets

Between Tradition and Innovation

136 components, 280 work steps, and a lot of passion. We pursue a clear vision: to create beer table sets that are not only functional but also aesthetically impressive.

Take a look inside our production facilities and learn more about the manufacturing process of our products!

The base is mounted on the beer garden table set.

We Produce Everything Ourselves

In our 7,000 m2 production facility in Italy, we manufacture the metal frames for our beer garden table sets. In our second production plant in Romania, we operate our own carpentry for wood processing. The final assembly of all components takes place back in Italy.

What goes into our beer table sets:

  • Use of high-quality raw materials
  • Patented solutions
  • Passionate employees

Wood Processing, Base Frame Manufacturing, and Final Assembly

Woodwork in Romania

About 60 employees work in our woodwork facility in Romania, perfecting the production of wooden panels for our sets. We source the wood from Romanian forests and process it on-site in our own production facility with great care. Our wooden panels are made from carefully selected, chamber-dried spruce wood, which is highly resistant to warping and has minimal knots.

The production of the perfect wooden panel involves 5 steps:

  1. Delivery and drying of raw spruce wood
  2. Cutting and gluing
  3. Edge sanding
  4. Painting of the wooden panel
  5. Drilling holes in the wood

Production Facility in Italy

At our headquarters in South Tyrol, steel for the base frames is delivered. Our base frames are made of sturdy, drawn flat steel. 

Only a few steps remain until the final product:

  1. Welding of individual parts
  2. Powder coating in the desired color for protection against corrosion and scratches

On the assembly line, the wooden panels from Romania are finally screwed onto the base frames and, after a final quality control, shipped to the world.

The folding furniture lock is attached to the underside of the beer tent set.
The base is placed on the beer garden table set.
A production worker hangs up the base frame for powder coating.
 The bases are powder-coated in green.
The base is first welded together and then powder-coated in Italy.
Want to learn more about our company history? Here you can find out all about our most significant milestones.

From Locksmiths to Beer Garden Table Set Pioneers

The Success Story of the Zingerle Brothers

As early as the 1970s, the Zingerle brothers demonstrated their entrepreneurial spirit in their locksmith shop. Thanks to a customer's trust in their base frame solution, they began the professional and mass production of beer table sets, thus conquering the Italian market. With great success, they expanded abroad, making it a true labor of love. When the German company RUKU, among others a customer of Zingerlemetal, faced difficulties, the Zingerle brothers decided to take over. After all, it was Rudolf Kurz, the founder of RUKU, who invented the folding furniture lock in 1952 and patented it in Germany.

Our Patented Base Frame Solutions

  • Comfort Foot (2011): X-shaped base frame for maximum legroom and elegant design
  • C-Profile (2014): Lighter and 20% more stable than conventional base frames - optimized solution for greater stability
  • Trapezoid Shape: Patented design for high stability and tip resistance - our trademark
Our beer garden table sets are well thought to the smallest detail and reliably fulfill their purpose thanks to excellent materials and workmanship.

Reforesting Local Forests

To offset the inevitable emissions as effectively as possible, we support a reforestation program in the Harghita mountain region every year. In 2022, together with the Zetea Forest Cooperative, we planted 7,500 trees and reforested 20% of the wood we consumed. 

 Why do we do this? Because we care about the environment.

About reforestation