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The classic beer garden table sets in natural color at Oktoberfest

The Beer Garden Table Sets and Marquee Sets From the Oktoberfest

Brewery Sets Directly From the Manufacturer

Known worldwide, popular everywhere, often underestimated - The best quality beer tent sets are probably those from the Wies'n, the largest folk festival in the world. Hardly any other beer garden table set can withstand an annual visitor rush of over 6 million people as easily as the beer garden table set from the Oktoberfest.

All Beer Garden Table Sets Are Available Online

Order a beer garden table set in real brewery quality, which has already proven itself countless times at the Oktoberfest. In addition to the classic beer garden table sets, we also produce very special wooden sets, available in pine and natural colours. There is nothing preventing you from using them at big festivals or in beer gardens. Browse through our online store!

Beer Bench and Beer Tables Models at a Glance

Oktoberfest Quality for Marquee Sets - Here’s What You Should Look Out For

To make sure you choose the right set, you should pay special attention to the following quality features:

People sit on a beer garden table set with legroom at the Oktoberfest and have plenty of space due to the x-shaped base.
At the Oktoberfest, people sit on the beer garden table sets with leg room.
Several people stand on the beer benches of the beer garden table set with legroom at the Oktoberfest.
  1. Buy directly from the manufacturer
    Unlike sets from commercial hardware stores, marquee sets directly from the manufacturer undergo special quality controls throughout the production process.
  2. Use of carefully selected spruce wood
    For beer garden table sets in Oktoberfest quality, carefully selected spruce wood should be used, which is dried in a special process. Any defects in the wood (knot holes, pitch pockets etc.) are repaired in the course of the manufacturer's quality controls, so that the surface is particularly smooth and the perfect basis for further processing.
  3. Three-layer UV nano glaze
    As part of the special surface treatment, the UV nano-glaze is applied in three layers, which makes the boards particularly resistant.
  4. Stable base frames (C-profile)
    The base frame of the beer garden table sets provide special stability. The patented C-profile of RUKU1952® was developed especially for the Oktoberfest and gives the tables and benches up to 20% more stability. It is now used as standard on all RUKU1952® beer garden table sets.
  5. TÜV Certification
    The TÜV institute subjects Oktoberfest table and bench sets to a special stress test before they are awarded the TÜV seal.

The Oktoberfest Relies on These Beer Garden Table Sets

Manufacturers of Beer Garden Table Sets in Oktoberfest Quality

One of the best-known manufacturers of Oktoberfest table and bench sets is RUKU1952®. Every year, the company supplies numerous tents at the Wies'n, including the Käfer-Wiesn-Schänke with its products. Beer garden table sets from RUKU1952® are particularly stable and have a long service life and this is why organisers of the Oktoberfest rely on them.

Base frame: Patented C-Profile With Extra Legroom for More Guests

RUKU1952® has developed the patented C-profile especially for the Oktoberfest. This guarantees up to 20% more stability and has proven itself: all RUKU1952® base frames have the C-profile as standard.

For more space, the beer garden tables are available with a curved base frame with extra legroom. This brings two big advantages: the guests can get in and out comfortably and the hosts can provide more seating capacity. Why? Thanks to the special shape, the benches can automatically be moved closer to the table so that there is room for more table and bench sets - much to the delight of the Wies'n operators.

The C-shaped cross section of the base of the beer garden table sets
The front view of the beer table with legroom
The stiffening ribs of the beer garden table set in the cross braces lead to increased stability of the beer garden table set.

In-house Quality Controls and Quality Management Are the Hallmarks of RUKU1952® Folding Furniture

During the entire production process, the beer garden table sets from RUKU1952® are subject to special quality controls. Without passing a check after one operation, the set won't be transferred to the next one. This guarantees a production at the highest level.