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Printed Table and Bench Sets

Customized Design Options

Turn your folding table and bench set into an absolute highlight with one of our printing techniques. Three arguments that speak for our printing:

  • multi-layer varnishing
  • non-fading & scratch-resistant
  • wipeable
By means of screen printing the logo is applied.

All Printing Techniques at a Glance

Turn your beer garden table set into an absolute highlight. Any set can be personalised and used as an advertising medium or a protection against theft. Decide for yourself what your set should look like and benefit from our many years of experience in printing.


Screen Printing

Distinctive. Screen printing is suitable for lettering and simply designed logos with clear lines. Only single-color motifs can be realized with this printing tecnique. However, unlike digital printing, the wood color does not have to be natural, also the colors pine, orange and the "Almlasur" coating can be printed.

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In screen printing, the print motif is transferred to a mesh screen using chemical processes. This mesh screen is then placed on the wood. The printing ink is spread through the screen onto the wooden surface using a squeegee. To protect the print from scratches and damage, the printing is done between the second and third glaze application. The maximum size of the print is 25x25 cm in and can be applied in only one color.
Ink printing

Ink Printing

Simple. This alternative to burn-in is non-solvable and meets the latest technological printing standards. We can apply your name, your characters or your advertising lettering in a total of 4 places. Ink Printing is ideal for marking the underside of the plate or for a cost-effective advertising on the front side.

Digital printing

Digital Printing

Not to be missed. Digital printing gives your beer garden table set a new look. The folding furniture can be provided with large-scale colorful logos and lettering or with a photo-realistic motif on its entire surface. There is the possibility to choose between 2 different models, but please keep in mind that we can only offer digital printing for orders of at least 20 sets.

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First of all, two coats of glaze are applied on the natural-colored set. Then the desired motif is printed in high-quality colors. For technical reasons, the color white cannot be used. So instead of white, the wooden surface remains visible after the printing. Once the motif has been applied, everything is sealed with another layer of glaze in order to make the furniture weather-resistant and to protect the printed motif in the best possible way.
Burn in

Burn in

Embossed. Letters and characters are burned into the centre of the underside of the plate by means of a branding iron. During the firing process, the characters turn black and are slightly lowered into the wood. The desired text should not exceed 3 lines of 18 characters each (including spaces).

How Should Your Furniture Set Look Like?

For a perfect design and best results, our experienced staff will be at your service.

  • long-term experience
  • personal consultation
  • individual solutions

An employee advises a woman on RUKU1952 products.

Classic and Small Furniture Set Printed

There Are No Limits to Your Creativity With Digital Printing!

The individually printed beer table sets from RUKU1952® are eye-catchers with large logos or images. Thanks to the multi-layer coating, they are light-resistant, scratch-resistant and wipeable like the original RUKU1952® marquee sets.

Available for:

  • Table with legroom: 180x60x77 cm (base: black)
  • Classic bench: 180x30x48 cm (base: black)
  • Small "Shorty"-table: 108x67x77 cm (base: black)
  • Small "Shorty"-bench: 108x33x48 cm (base: black)
Marquee set digitally printed with hearts by RUKU1952
The small beer garden table set was printed with flowers by means of digital printing.
RUKU1952 marquee set digitally printed with bread
A chessboard was printed on a small beer garden table set by means of digital printing.
To seal the printed wood panels, we use the highly innovative premium coating HotCoating® , which is mainly used in flooring, on request.

That's why HotCoating® is better than a paint coating:

  1. Emission- and solvent-free, consistently ecological
  2. Natural feel
  3. High flexibility (stresses in the wood are easily absorbed)
  4. UV and weather resistant
  5. High abrasion and scratch resistance
  6. Very good chemical resistance (wine, vinegar, oils, etc.)
  7. Curing only by moisture from the wood (no additional energy needed for curing)
  8. Can be resealed
  9. HotCoating® consists mainly of polyurethane, acrylic and corundum

The Advantages: Photo Printing in Best Quality

Benefit from many years of printing experience and the quality of RUKU1952® folding table and bench sets.
The beer garden table set was printed by digital printing.
The beer garden table set was printed by digital printing.
The beer garden table set was printed by digital printing.
The small beer garden table set was printed with flowers by means of digital printing.

1. Photo printing in best quality

With digital printing, large-scale logos and even whole photographs can be printed onto your folding table and bench set.

2. Multi-layer varnishing

Due to the multi-layer varnishing, the printed furniture sets are non-fading, scratch-resistant and wipeable – just as the original RUKU1952® furniture sets.

3. Print between varnish layers

The print is being applied after the second layer of varnish and then sealed by a third one. This makes the printed furniture set weatherproof and serves as a protection